Conduct a multimedia symphony to engage your audience.
Easily adapt the graphic design of a radio program to transform the content into a real TV program.

multiCAM SCENES manual control

Data import (text and pictures)

Preparation / data selection for upcoming scenes

An Instrument for Managing Graphics

multiCAM ASSIST is a dedicated touchscreen interface that helps you manage graphics.
It can be a second screen of your main system (RADIO, CONF or STUDIO), so you can have a more efficient way to control graphics. It can also be installed as a standalone application on any Windows computer that communicates with the main system through a network, thanks to multiCAM API.

Prepare Your Lineup and Go!

The operator imports data on the fly and organizes information.

They select the NEXT SCENE and data to broadcast, then with just one click all items are displayed together. The data for the ON AIR SCENE can be changed at anytime by selecting a different line or by simply clicking the “next” button.

With only a few steps, a sole operator can manage all graphics simultaneously, even when controlling cameras with the other hand!

Integrated With multiCAM Suite

Just activate the multiCAM API and ASSIST license on your main system and ASSIST will be synched.

Create and design your scenes with the designer module so they are visible on the ASSIST interface.

It’s possible to install the multiCAM ASSIST license on any Windows computer. To benefit from more control and preview, it’s recommended to use it as a second screen.

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